Social Convention: Education

Exaggerate: Without a proper education you’ll be homeless your whole life!
Understatement: School doesn’t teach you anything.
Express it using litotes: Education’s not that important, it only prepares you for your future.


– Individuality in Education
– Solider in war writing in different form as not to be detected
– Dancing
– Youth Voice
– Studying
– Customer Service

The Tantalizing Trauma

Oh how I look upon you with desire,
my heart beats faster when you near me.
I cannot resist the feel of your skin,
as I cross your bare back.

Oh how, your complexity is astounding.
I fear you, but I know I need you.
But, I will leave you waiting,
you know I want you to complete me.

As I sit holding you in my hands,
I sigh, oh how I hate you.
I want nothing more than to destroy you,
and exactly that’s what I’ll do.

I scrunch you up,
toss you across the room.
They will never know,
they will never suspect,
that I,
an A student,
did not do my homework.



Semantics: Meaning
Surface meaning – A love hate relationship
Underlying meaning – Simple meaning, not doing homwork

Syntax: Grammar
– Poem
– Romantic
– Simple Sentences
– Incomplete Senteces

Style: Dictation, Figurative Language, Viewpoint

– Rhythm, Rhyme


Customer service is the most important factor in the retail industry! Customer satisfaction is paramount for business success and essential for developing positive clientele relationships. Here are some top tips to ensure that you are getting the best service for your money!

  1. patience – taking forever to decide then changing order
  2. attentative – finger prints on glass, rubbish on tables
  3. clear communication skills – customer voice, small talk
  4. knowledge of the product – random questions
  5. acting skills – dying on the inside, when will this end?

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